Ettevaux Estate allows you to hike from the property to the nearby Beuvray Mount and to discover some of the hiking routes of the South of the Morvan Regional Nature Reserve. You can take the GR 13 marked path which passes through Ettevaux, and leads to Bibracte, gallo-roman site, or the GR de pays marked path “le tour du Morvan”.

The GR 13 marked path is a hiking trail that connects Fontainebleau (just at the South of Paris) to Bourbon-Lancy (Burgundy), and it is 423km-long. With this in mind, staying at our guest rooms and huts constitutes an inviting break on the road. You will find more information about this hiking trail on the Wikipedia page.

As for the GR de pays “le tour du Morvan”, it allows you to roam the Morvan Regional Nature Reserve through the 4 départements (counties) of Burgundy.
There are also other trails you can follow around Ettevaux, by foot, bicycle, or on horseback.